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Blocky will
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protect your 

Veeam® Backup.

Your Last Line of Defense

It happens every day – some kind of Malware is bypassing your generic security software. In such cases Blocky for Veeam® builds up your „Last Line of Defense”, protecting your data by denying unauthorized data access. Blocky is especially designed to protect your Veeam Backup, hence better providing tailored security than any generic software.

Blocky for Veeam® comes with simple and intuitive configuration as well as minimal administrative overhead. As latest cyber attacks target Backup Data in first place, increasing your resilience against Ransomware is crucial.

With Blocky for Veeam® as your last line of defense, your backup data is safe.


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Enhancing your company's

malware resilience:

Handl Tyrol has done it and is using  Blocky successfully.

„It was important to us that we protect our backups in a smart and easy way - seamlessly integrating with our existing backup solution"

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"Application Whitelisting"

is the top rated measure

against Ransomware

like Emotet & Co,  according to German "BSI" Security Council

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